Our story

 Urban Mayan Café was founded by a Guatemalan-American immigrant woman who survived poverty and gang violence in the streets of South-Central Los Angeles. She at an early age, worked to help support her single mother of six. Leaving the corporate world to follow her passion of giving back for the greater common good, Nancy Diaz was inspired to open Urban Mayan Cafe March 2019 in Historic Row. Her vision is to create opportunities that empower communities to embrace authenticity by fostering a space where the highest quality of organic coffee connects the unique value of our humanity.  


About Us




 Urban Mayan Café, 600 square foot café is located in the historic 1920’s United Company building northeast corner of 7th and Broadway in front of a busy commuter bus stop.  

Community Empowerment



 Urban Mayan Café fills the void of original cafes in the market area targeting the Latin American community, daily LA commuters, and upcoming tech-savy millennials. Our customers will enjoy imported organic Guatemalan coffee from San Miguel Escobar, Antigua, Guatemala. Urban Mayan Café sources its organic coffee in partnership with De La Gente, an organization that provides a more equitable and inclusive coffee industry through direct trade with “small coffee farmers & cooperatives. 

More than just Cafecito!


 Urban Mayan Café offers the finest organic coffee beans, local sweets/pastries, and organic healthy beverages. The simple pastry offerings may vary with seasonality but the primary line will be Guatemalan pan (bread), salads, sandwiches, muffins, croissants, and other pastries. All products are supplied daily through local bakeries and organic produce to promote healthy lifestyles. Come in  to be surprised by our Guatemalan cuisine specials!