Urban Mayan Cafe

Let's Have A Cafecito!

About Us

Vision & Mission




Inspire and connect people with the highest quality of organic coffee and espresso for our common humanity.


Earn the trust of our customers and our Los Angeles community as the best cafecito house that contributes to a common good and ‘changes lives one day a time’ in Downtown Los Angeles.

Empowerment & Sustainability



Urban Mayan Cafe is committed to sustainability and dedicated to positive change. Urban Mayan Cafe has partnered with De La Gente (From The People), to support second-generation of coffee small-holder farmers and cooperatives in Guatemala. Urban Mayan Café brings the Latin American community, daily Los Angeles commuters, and upcoming tech-savvy millennials together to help create economic opportunities that improve the quality of life in our communities. The loyalty of our customers will enable a more equitable and inclusive coffee industry. 

More than just Cafecito!


Although we offer a wide variety of hot, iced, and frozen drinks, we also provide savory and sweet food and snack options in Downtown Los Angeles. So whether you're stopping for your morning coffee and espresso, lunch, or an afternoon snack, we've got you covered! 

Our story

About our Founders

Urban Mayan Café was established by two Guatemalan-American immigrants who survived poverty and gang violence in the streets of South-Central Los Angeles, who at an early age worked to help support their single mother of six. A brother and sister relationship that shares a bond of tenacity, hard work, and passion for the American dream of entrepreneurship spirit is what Jaime and Nancy exemplifies. Jaime has over 25 years of retail, restaurant, and general contracting experience with name brands such as Baja Fresh, Wal-Mart, and Pollo Campero. Nancy  has 18 years of corporate, non-profit, program management and business consulting experience from the aerospace, non-profit, and technology industries including Boeing, Amazon Web Services, Millennium Momentum Foundation, Inc., just to name a few. Their combined experience and vision to cultivate their Guatemalan heritage and LatinX experiences with other Angelinos is what inspired them to open Urban Mayan Café in Downtown Los Angeles. Coffee and Espresso connecting todos.